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Rep. Bustos Nominated To Co-Chair House Committee


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made the announcement Wednesday that Bustos would co-chair the party’s Steering and Policy Committee. This group has a role in determining where Democrats are assigned on other House committees, and they advise party leaders on policy. Bustos said the northwestern Illinois area she represents can provide additional perspective.

“Certainly, I would be the only Midwesterner sitting around that leadership table from a district that Donald Trump has won -- not just one cycle -- but he also won our Congressional district just a week ago.” 

Bustos said once the new Congress takes office, her legislative priorities would include a national COVID strategy, reducing the cost of health care, and investing in infrastructure.

Earlier this week, Bustos announced she will not seek a second term as chairwoman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The announcement came after the party underperformed in several districts in the General Election.