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City Of Sycamore Faces Water System Neglect Lawsuit

Steve Johnson
Flickr/Creative Commons

Several Sycamore residents filed a class-action lawsuit against the City claiming a polluted local water supply. 

The suit alleges the City neglected an aging local water system. In turn, that allegedly led to toxic metals, such as lead leeching into the water supply, along with the proliferation of bacteria. Attorney Mark Vasquez said these cases can take a while to litigate. That’s due to factors such as when the court decides to rule on it.

“Sometimes that can be a few months. Sometimes that could be a year. Sometimes that could be over a year," said Vasquez. "There can be appeals along the way which tack on a year.” 

The initial complaint was filed on behalf of residents Jennifer Campbell and Jeremy Pennington at the end of October. The next step is for Vasquez and his fellow attorneys to convince the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois that a class-action lawsuit is the most efficient way for their case to proceed.