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Audubon Report Says Many U.S. Birds Could Be Negatively Affected By Climate Change

389 species of birds in the U.S. could be threatened if global temperatures rise.

That number comes from the National Audubon Society’s most recent report on climate change. It says a changing climate could greatly reduce the range of these birds, and some might not survive the habitat loss. Jennifer Kuroda is the president of Sinnissippi Audubon. She’s trying to raise awareness at a local level through a series of bird murals in Rockford.

"One is a Yellow-headed Blackbird. Then we of course have the Baltimore Oriole, and then Lincoln Middle School students worked on one with a Golden-crowned Kinglet,” she said.

Audubon is also trying to get current habitats designated as “important bird areas” to protect them from human encroachment. Examples include woodland in Winnebago County, such as the Colored Sands Forest Preserve.