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Rochelle Prosthetic Hand Team To Be Honored At State Fair

Chase Cavanaugh/WNIJ
The Rochelle class built this prosthetic limb for local farmer Jake Hubbard using a 3-D printer.

A group of Rochelle residents is being recognized for their engineering work at the Illinois State Fair. 

Back in May, a class of Rochelle middle- and high-school students used a 3-D printer to build a prosthetic hand for local farmer Jack Hubbard.  He had lost the arm in a mechanical accident, and the new hand now lets him avoid his bulky work prosthesis at home and play more easily with his kids. 

The class that built the hand is now going to Ag Day at the Illinois State Fair to be honored for their efforts.  Austin Farell was one of the kids involved, and his mother Emily Scheel said the project and invitation have helped him greatly. 

"I can see so much enlightenment and joy in him and he went and bought himself a 3-D printer for home," she said.  "He loves it."

Another student, Megan Thiravong, is excited about the fair and future engineering experiences.

"I just think it would be a great experience," she explained. "I really like helping other people. As a team, we work well together, I hope we can all continue 3-D printing in the future."

The students will lead Monday's Ag Day parade, be recognized as Illinoisans of the Day, and attend the Governor's Sale of Champions. 

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