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Seven Northern Illinois Counties To Be Sprayed For Gypsy Moths

Washington State Department of Agriculture

The Illinois Department of Agriculture plans to spray about 37,000 acres of farmland Wednesday to combat gypsy moths.

Gypsy Moths are a non-native species that feed on over 250 varieties of plants, but are particularly attracted to oak and willow trees.  Large numbers of the moths can defoliate plants, leaving them much more vulnerable to environmental stress.

If weather permits, the Department plans to apply Splat-o to farmers fields in seven Northern Illinois counties Wednesday. This biodegradable product contains a pheremone that confuses male moths and prevents them from mating. Ogle, Livingston, Stephenson, JoDaviess, Carroll, LaSalle and DeKalb counties are the Department’s main targets.

LaSalle is also one of eight counties under quarantine for Gypsy Moths. Any lumber or nursery products must be inspected for moth eggs and caterpillars before leaving the county, or transporters could face a $500 fine.  The other quarantined counties include  Dupage, Will, Kendell, Kane, Cook, McHenry, and Lake.

You can find a more detailed breakdown of spraying areas and information about the moths at the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

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