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Illinois Senate Democrats' Leadership Term-Limit Proposal Seen As Show Of Good Faith

State Sen. Scott Bennett says Democrats in his chamber supported a rules change last week to impose term limits on Senate legislative leaders as a show of good faith.


The Champaign Democrat says they’re showing their commitment to imposing the ten-year term limits on leaders in both legislative chambers as part of a state budget package.


Bennett thinks term limits for these positions will appeal to Gov. Bruce Rauner, who wants them in place for all state lawmakers.


“What the term limits really is about -- at least what I hear from constituents -- is we just want to see some change in leadership," he said.  "They don’t necessarily want to lose their own state representative or state senator, because that’s what every election, they get a chance to decide if they like that individual or not.” 


The proposal in the Senate budget package would impose the term limits by an amendment to the state constitution. They would cover the House Speaker, Senate President and both chambers’ Minority Leaders. 


Bloomington Republican Jason Barickman is praising Senate President John Cullerton and other Democrats for their initial term-limit support. 


“President Cullerton said while that budget package that includes a term limit constitutional amendment, while that moves through the legislative process, why don’t we immediately enact a term limit on the Senate legislative leaders,” Barickman noted.

Senators took no action on their compromise budget bills last week, but they could receive a hearing when lawmakers return to Springfield next week.

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