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Mautino Stays Silent On Campaign Expenses To Protect "Rights As An Individual"

Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino continues to remain evasive on the subject of campaign spending.

A former Democratic state representative, Mautino  has been asked repeatedly about campaign spending during his time as a legislator. 

It’s the subject of a recent complaint with the state board of elections.  Highlights include $250,000 for car repairs and gas at a single service station and an equivalent amount paid to a bank.  

Republican State Senator Jim Oberweis tried to press for more details during a committee meeting last week, but Mautino said he needed to “protect his rights as an individual.” 

“At the legislative audit commission his response to me about not releasing was that he valued his reputation highly, he was in the legislature for 24 years, that he wanted to get this information out too, but no information,” he said.  

Oberweis added that this didn't reflect well on Mautino. 

"The longer this goes on, the more we all wonder about what is being hidden or why he is not answering those questions unless there is criminal activity involved," he says.  

Since the inquiry began, Mautino has hired a defense attorney and pr firm.  In a statement, the firm said Mautino is “working with his team” to amend his campaign reports by July 1st

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