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Reporting from in and around Illinois.Listen to Statewide on WNIJ Saturdays 6-7 a.m. and Sundays 6-7 p.m.

Statewide: Prison education on the outside

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When COVID-19 hit Illinois prisons, visitors were limited in the facilities. That meant teachers and professors couldn't get in for their classes. They were forced to turn to online learning.

But that also created a path for those leaving prison to stay enrolled. We'll hear about one woman's experience.

Listen to this episode of Statewide.

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* Harvest Public Media's Jonathon Ahl delves into what the split control of congress could mean for the next farm bill.

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* We talk about jazz legend Louis Armstrong. He arrived in Chicago 100 years ago. How did the city influence him and his music?

* Peter Medlin examines how school transfers impact students.

* Rich Egger takes us to the Midwest Bus Museum, the final home for the large vehicles that spent their best years working - helping students and others get to where they need to go.