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Deadline Approaching To Apply For 2021 Master Naturalist Training

Mary Nelson

The University of Illinois Extension is offering Master Naturalist Training. Mary Nelson is a spokesperson for the program and says the term “naturalist” is personal to each individual.

"To me," she said, "a naturalist is someone who appreciates, understands and respects the natural world. They have a love for nature, and they give something back to nature and their local communities through volunteer activities."

Nelson said the program is for anyone who is 18 or older.

"It doesn't require a degree or any experience," she said. "You must be willing to learn about the natural world and devote some time to volunteering and continuing education." 

Nelson covers Lee, Carroll and Whiteside counties, but said she has volunteers from other counties.

The program will begin on January 9, 2021 and the deadline to apply is January 2, 2021. To learn more, click here.