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New Food Map Helps Illinoisans Find Nearby Food Sources

The University of Illinois Extension is launching a community food map on its website so people can find nearby food sources. U of I Extension SNAP-Ed Specialist Caitlin Kownacki called it a "one-stop shop."

"I can take this map and plug in my zip code and say, 'Where are all of the places in my community -- all of the resources that I need to be able to put enough food on my table for my family?'"

Kownacki said more than 2 million Illinoisans rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program for food and that's especially true now because of COVID-19. Still, she said, the website is for everyone.

By entering your zip code, you will find nearby food pantries, school and summer sites, farmers markets, even roadside farm stands. The site includes educational opportunites and information about transportation. And it quickly guides people to the places that accept SNAP, LINK, WIC and senior food benefits.

To find nearby food sources, click here