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Bill Aims To Prevent Gun Possession By People With Violent Criminal Histories

Flickr user Miso Beno/ CC 2.0 Noncommercial

A bill in the State Senate aims to keep people with violent criminal histories from obtaining firearms.

State Senator Julie Morrison is sponsoring the legislation, which is part of Senate Bill 1966. She said a key aspect is closing gaps in the process of getting a Firearm Owners Identification, or FOID, card. 

“No longer would you have a 10-year FOID card. You would have a five-year card," she said. "Point of sale, there would be a background check at each one, and fingerprinting would be required for your first FOID card or concealed carry.”

The renewed push for gun control comes amid the anniversaries of two mass shootings. Friday will mark the 12th year since the shooting at Northern Illinois University. Saturday is the first since the shooting at the Henry Pratt building in Aurora.

“This isn’t just theoretical. This a concrete example of the deficit that is very plain, and that’s why I think the public will continue to be behind this,” Morrison said. 

A May poll conducted by the Gun Violence Prevention PAC says 81% of the public support requiring a background check for all gun sales, and 75% supported reducing the duration of FOID cards.  The bill now awaits action in the Senate. 

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