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The American Red Cross Reminds People That There's Another Way To Give For The Holidays

American Red Cross

The holidays are a time for giving. The American Red Cross wants to remind people that donating blood is also a gift. 

The American Red Cross says the need for blood is constant. The organization collects thirteen thousand individual donations of blood each day. Red Cross communication’s manager Laura McGuire said donors are especially needed this time of the year. “There’s no way we are able to manufacture blood,” she said. “And the only way we can get it is through one another."   

McGuire also said the low donation could be due to holiday travel and bad weather. “You know the need for blood doesn’t stop around the holidays,” she said. “So we are really kind of doing a call out for all donors to come in and donate blood.”               

McGuire said there is a special need for type O blood. “If you’re ever in an emergency situation or an accident and you’re in a trauma situation and you’re in the emergency room," she said, "the very first thing staff pulls if they do not have time to type your blood is O negative.” McGuire said this blood type is universal and it works for everyone.