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LaSalle Flooding Victims 'On Their Own' To Recover

LaSalle County Emergency Management Agency
Flood damage on N. 3450th Road near Wedron in September.

There's been heavy flooding throughout northern Illinois in the past few months. State officials requested federal funding to help with flood relief efforts. Not all counties will get assistance. LaSalle County is looking to find alternative ways to assist those affected. Fred Moore is the deputy director of LaSalle’s Emergency Management Agency. He said the county does not have any resources to offer to those affected by the flash flooding.



 “Everybody's up to their own to get things done. And quite honestly, when I look at the damage numbers that I'm seeing right now, fortunately, we're only looking at about 30 to 40 homes,” Moore said.


Moore also said it’s important for homeowners to realize that flood damage isn’t covered in standard home insurance, but people can buy flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program


LaSalle County’s Emergency Management Agency established a call center to collect damage information from residents.  Moore said that information gathered from the call center would be used to determine whether residents qualify for federal assistance. 


 “We'll convert that information into what the State needs to determine if there's enough damages to request a federal declaration. Unfortunately, from what I'm seeing right now, it doesn't look like we're going to meet that threshold of damage,” Moore said. 


Questions and concerns can be addressed to the county’s Emergency Management Agency at (815) 433-5622.


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