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Rockfordians Share Their 'Snow Culture'

Whether you love snow or hate it, the white stuff has made its presence known. Rockfordians who live in the city and the country have let us know what they think about it. We caught up with them before, during, and after the historic snowfall.  

Credit Connie Kuntz
Angela Schmidt and Mike Delany

We first spoke with Mike Delany as he and his wife Angela Schmidt shoveled not just their house, but the property next door. Both were in good spirits and optimistic about the condition of the roads. But Delany did admit, "The first heavy snow of the season is met with an interesting mix of anticipation and dread."  

We also caught up with Henry Tyler who was wiping the snow off his car. He clearly stated he is not ready for the snow, but felt confident he could safely drive his young daughter to her job. 

Credit Connie Kuntz
Henry Tyler

Credit Connie Kuntz
Ken Scrivano

At dusk, we saw Ken Scrivano who was shoveling the pathways in front of his house. His favorite seasons are summer and fall, and he said, "I'm not a big, huge fan of winter, but everybody gets excited about the first snowfall of the year; and as long as the roads are safe and clear, I'm happy." 

And clear they were. While driving around, we kept our speed steady and slow, and felt safe enough to travel into the country where the drifts are higher and the winds are stronger than inside the city limits.

We visited Swallow Farm, the family farm of Betsy and Allan Carlson. There were three generations playing outside in the snow when we drove up their well-plowed driveway. Though the farm endured 50-mile-per-hour winds that whipped snowdrifts up and around their property, they did not lose power. Everyone, including their farm animals, stayed warm. 

When asked what she thinks about snow days, Betsy replied, "I'm a firm believer in partaking and enjoying in snow days. I love that you can catch up and have fun."   

Whatever you think of wintry weather, we hope you stay warm and safe.