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Keicher Keeps Illinois House Seat

Chase Cavanaugh
Jeff Keicher checks election night results at The Forge of Sycamore

Republican State Rep. Jeff Keicher held onto his seat in the Illinois 70th District race.  He defeated Democratic challenger Paul Stoddard and credits both his team and campaign for the victory. 

“I have an amazing team of not only volunteers, but interns and campaign assistants, and the community in general who really stood up and helped because our message is one for making Illinois a better place for the long term," Keicher said.

Keicher took the majority of votes in Kane and Boone Counties, but Stoddard was able to edge him out in DeKalb County.  Stoddard says there were several factors that led him to claim the most votes in DeKalb County.

“We have the University," Stoddard said. "We have a greater diversity of people here. That usually lends itself to a more Democratic mindset. That really helped out. We also have Sycamore and Cortland too as major population centers."

Stoddard said given the traditional Republican make-up of this district, he is proud even if his campaign came up short. "I think we had a message that really resonated with people. I think our staff and volunteers and helpers did a remarkable job.”

Keicher was appointed in July to the 70th District seat in July after fellow Republican Bob Pritchard stepped down to join the NIU Board of Trustees.  With this election victory, he now has a full term ahead.

Despite a difference in parties, Keicher said he and Stoddard did have some common ground. 

“There are a number of things where we align," Keicher said. "It isn’t total separation, and I think what we need to do from here is we need to recognize that Illinois is in this as a group and we need to go forward and do what’s best for the people of Illinois."