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Rauner Blames Chicago Mayor For 'Failure' On Violence

Susan Stephens

Governor Bruce Rauner has blamed Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for failure on the city’s violence.

Governor Bruce Rauner says Rahm Emanuel has "failed horribly" on public safety. The comments came after gunfire in the city last weekend injured more than 70 people and killed at least 11.

The Republican said Thursday that Chicago police have not received sufficient personnel, equipment or staffing assistance to be effective.

Rauner says he's "disappointed" in Democrat Emanuel. Rauner says public safety is an officeholder's first duty and that Chicago's leaders "have fundamentally failed, failed horribly."

A spokesman for Emanuel dismisses Rauner's complaint about gun violence in Chicago.

Adam Collins is Emanuel's spokesman. He says Rauner is to blame for his veto of legislation to crack down on illegal gun sales through state licensing of firearms dealers. Rauner rejected the plan from legislative Democrats as too burdensome on small businesses. Rauner has promised to veto another version of the plan that lawmakers have not yet sent him.

Collins says police "are taking roughly one gun an hour off the streets."

Chicago police added 400 officers to affected neighborhoods with plans to add 200 more this weekend.

Rauner made his comments after saying for a second day he would not dispatch the National Guard to Chicago. He says Illinois State Police help patrol some neighborhoods and have jurisdiction on Chicago-area expressways.