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Illinois GOP Rebukes Candidate For Conspiracy Theories


For the second time, Illinois Republican leaders are disavowing a congressional candidate over contentious views they've promoted.


The state GOP chairman and other party officials say they're withdrawing support for candidate Bill Fawell. That's after reviewing conspiracy theories he posted to social media about the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the 2012 Sandy Hook mass school shooting. Fawell is the GOP challenger to Democratic Rep. Cheri Bustos in northwestern Illinois' 17th congressional district.

GOP Chairman Tim Schneider calls Fawell a liar whose comments have hurt those affected by tragic events.

Fawell tells The Dispatch-Argus he tries to present alternate theories and that he's never received any Republican Party support.

Schneider previously denounced outspoken Holocaust denier Arthur Jones, who's the GOP nominee against Democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski for a Chicago-area seat.