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00000179-e1ff-d2b2-a3fb-ffffd7720000Northern Public Radio is concerned with helping students and members of the community develop professionally and advance their career skills.To that end, the WNIJ News team has developed "Public Radio 101" a seminar conducted by professional journalists from the WNIJ News team at the beginning of the academic semesters. The first seminar was held in September 2016.Students in this workshop are introduced to the principles and ethics of public radio, the basic practices of planning and gathering news stories, and recording and producing those stories for broadcast."Public Radio 101" graduates are invited to work with WNIJ News journalists on projects and stories during the remainder of the semester, with an eye on a future internship in the news department. They use professional equipment and receive professional guidance in preparing their work.Public Radio 101 will resume in the Spring 2023 Semester. Sessions are planned to be held in-person, but will be held remotely if the NIU campus has switched to remote learning during these dates.If you are interested, send your resume and cover letter explaining your aspirations to Jenna Dooley at jdooley@niu.edu with "Public Radio 101" in the subject line. You do not need previous newsroom experience.

Attention Student Journalists! Join Us For 'Public Radio 101'


WNIJ News invites you to gain real-world journalism experience in a professional newsroom.

Learn about news reporting and production as well as the spirit that drives good journalism in the “Public Radio 101” seminar.

WNIJ News professionals again are offering a three-session free, noncredit seminar at the start of the 2018 spring semester from 6 to 8:30 p.m. on three successive Mondays -- Jan. 29, Feb. 5,  and Feb. 12 at the NIU Broadcast Center, 801 N. First Street, DeKalb.

Public Radio 101 alumnus Austin Hansen records sound from a steam-powered engine during an academic internship with WNIJ

Seminar topics include:

  • Journalism ethics and core values
  • The "public radio approach" to news
  • Newsroom etiquette and expectations
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Actual practice writing and editing news stories
  • Writing and editing for broadcast vs. print/website
  • An introduction to station technology
  • Using sound to create a “sense of place”

Students who attend all three sessions will have the opportunity to continue learning alongside our professional staff and be eligible to pursue an internship in a later semester.

If you would like to participate, send your résumé and cover letter explaining your aspirations to WNIJ News Managing Editor Victor Yehling at vyehling@niu.edu with "Public Radio 101" in the subject line.

You do not need previous newsroom experience.


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