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Protesters Take A Stand At DeKalb's 'Peace Corner'

Laen Neal
Protesters at "Peace Corner" on Feb. 4, 2017

A DeKalb street corner that is popular with protesters is seeing renewed action.

“Peace Corner” has been the site of anti-war protests since the U.S. war in Afghanistan. Throughout the last two presidential administrations, activists would gather at the corner of 1st Street and Lincoln Highway to protest the wars. A group of high school students recently took to the spot to show their discontent with the new administration.

“Respect our existence or expect our resistance.”

Credit Laen Neal

Asher Lowrey is a sophomore at DeKalb High School, and one of the organizers of the protest.

“We’re making a stand to try and make an impact, get things changed really how they morally should be,” Lowery said.

Protests and civic engagement have increased since the recent women’s marches around the country. The same day as this protest in downtown DeKalb, a smaller group protested President Trump’s immigration order at the Sycamore Courthouse.