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Illinois Will Be The First State With Specialty License Plates For Alzheimer's Disease


The Alzheimer’s Association is working toward getting specialty license plates for the disease.

A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says at least 220,000 Illinois residents currently live with Alzheimer’s.

Jen Belkov, with the Alzheimer’s Association, says the specialty license plates will help raise awareness of the disease.

“But on the state level, our goal is to make the state dementia-capable, and to provide as many support services as possible for those living with and caring with those living with the disease - until we have a cure," said Belkov. 

Overall, Belkov says she thinks we’re getting closer toward finding a cure for the disease.

“But there’s also this stigma still with this disease that some people are still not prepared to talk about it," she says. "And I think the more they see people taking ownership and advocating on behalf of this disease by being involved in this campaign with the license plates, the better the chances that they’re going to be more willing to accept the reality of this disease.”

Belkov says the association is working on a design and will then go through the approval process with state agencies, like the Secretary of State and Illinois State Police.

Belkov says the license plates could be available next year.

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