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Man Claiming Being Targeted In Gliniewicz Case Settles Suit

An African-American man has settled a lawsuit filed against the village of Fox Lake claiming he was targeted during an investigation into the death of a corrupt Illinois police officer.

Twenty-seven-year-old Vernon Randolph III also claimed Lt. Charles Gliniewicz repeatedly pulled him over and searched his car without probable cause and threatened to "make something happen" to him.

After Gliniewicz's Sept. 1 death, authorities launched a search for three men, one black, two white, who the officer radioed he was pursuing.

Authorities say Gliniewicz killed himself because he believed his years of stealing money from a youth program were about to be exposed.

The terms of the settlement haven't been released. Fox Lake officials would only confirm the case was settled.

Village officials had denied Randolph's claim, but the parties agreed last month to settle.

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