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Lawyers Say Mom Threatened Chicago Cop Who Shot Her Son

Attorneys for a Chicago police officer who fatally shot a man are asking a judge to sanction the victim's mother for making what they say are threats against the officer and his children.

Officer George Hernandez shot 25-year-old Ronald Johnson III in the back as he fled police in 2014. Cook County's top prosecutor said she won't file charges against the officer.
In a Dec. 10 motion, Hernandez's attorneys say Johnson's mother, Dorothy Holmes, surreptitiously photographed Hernandez and posted the photo on social media with the word "murderer.''

She also made comments about Hernandez's children during a protest, stating, "What goes around comes around.''
Hernandez's lawyers want Judge Edmond Chang to order Holmes to stop and to warn her of sanctions  -- possibly including dismissal of her civil lawsuit  -- if she continues.
Holmes' lawyer tells the Chicago Tribune that Holmes "in no way meant'' her remarks to be a threat.
Chang ordered Holmes to appear in court on Jan. 6.