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Some Details Still 'Classified' In Fox Lake Police Shooting


It’s been almost two months since Fox Lake Police Lieutenant Joseph Gliniewicz was shot on duty. 

The Lake County Major Crimes Task Force released results from a ballistics report last month. It found Gliniewicz was shot twice.

WNIJ checked in with Chris Covelli, who is the Lake County Sheriff’s spokesman. 

“One of the rounds hit his bullet-proof vest in the lower-right region of the bullet-proof vest,” Covelli said. “That specific area where he was shot, being shot in the bullet-proof vest, was described as being somewhat near the equivalent of being hit with a sledgehammer.”

Covelli says the other shot, which was in Gliniewicz’s upper chest region, was the one that killed him.

Credit The Blue Line

Covelli says there was gunshot residue found on Gliniewicz’s hands, but it’s unclear whether the residue was from Gliniewicz’s gun.

Asked how far the gun was from Gliniewicz’s body, Covelli says that information is classified. 

“There’s certain information that -- if it gets out there -- when we speak to or interview anybody in connection with this investigation,” Covelli said, "we need to insure the information we’re receiving from them is first-hand information, versus information that they’ve heard through others or they’ve heard directly through the media."

The investigation continues.

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