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Information Released By Coroner In Fox Lake Officer Case Could Jeopardize Investigation

The Blue Line

The investigation into the death of Fox Lake Lieutenant Joe Gliniewicz continues. 

Lake County Major Crime Task Force investigators await test results of several items sent to the laboratory for analysis. That includes DNA evidence and ballistic test results.

The task force says more than one shot was fired at the scene, but they cannot say how many or who the DNA might belong to. They call it confidential information critical to the investigation.

Lake County Coroner Thomas Rudd spoke with news media regarding Gliniewicz’s death, but Undersheriff Raymond Rose said in a release it was out of policy and could potentially jeopardize the investigation.

“The Coroner should not release sensitive case information while an investigation is still underway, it’s completely irresponsible,” Rose said in a news release.

George Filenko, Lake County Major Crime Task Force Commander, agrees.

“Doctor Rudd, releasing information which is sensitive to this investigation, puts the entire case at risk,” Filenko said in a news release. “All of the progress made since this tragic incident is potentially in jeopardy. 

This is an active investigation and it’s inappropriate for anyone other than the investigating body to release information to the media, prior to providing a final written report of the findings, or even having a conversation with the Task Force.”

The task force says they will continue to release non-compromising case information as it becomes available.