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'Stop Receipts' Could Be A New Standard For Illinois Police

Flickr user woodleywonderworks / "police trooper writing a ticket" (CC BY 2.0)

Police could soon be forced to hand out documentation when they stop someone. 

Members of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus say they have heard from constituents who claim they are repeatedly stopped by authorities. In some cases, more than once per day.

The lawmakers’ response is a plan to require officers hand out what are called “stop receipts.”

Representative Mary Flowers, a Democrat from Chicago, supports the idea:

"Any encounter with the police ... you are supposed to be given a ticket to explain the encounter and you can wait on that ticket if you choose too or you can get that police officer's name and badge number and you can take it upon yourself to go and file a report against the police officer," Flowers said.

Flowers says the proposal would help track if a person is being harassed.  It’s part of a larger package that would ban the use of police chokeholds and set up guidelines for officer’s using body cameras. 

The legislation has been sent to Gov. Bruce Rauner. 

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