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Organizations Collectively Register Thousands For "Every Vote Counts" Program

League of Women Voters

As candidates hustle for voters' support, interest groups are working to drum up numbers of their own.

A coalition of organizations, including the Latino Policy Forum, announced in Chicago on Monday that they collectively registered 100 thousand Illinois residents to vote as part of the "Every Vote Counts" movement.

Martin Torres has been all over Chicago lately, holding voter registration events. He says Latinos make up 16-percent of the state's population, but the community's political influence hasn't kept up.

"It's not just our vote, but representing the interest of those who aren't able to vote; many of us have friend and family who are in that position. And so those of us that are in a position to vote … makes it extremely important that we do so." --- Martin Torres, Latino Policy Forum

Torres says the Policy Forum is still registering people using the traditional method: by hand. That way, his group can keep tabs on the newly registered voters, and encourage them to cast a ballot Nov. 4.

Amanda Vinicky moved to Chicago Tonight on WTTW-TV PBS in 2017.
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