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Rockford Trades Old Traffic Signals For Stop Signs

Flickr User / Clover Autrey "stop sign" (CC BY 2.0)

Traffic patterns will change in downtown Rockford as the city removes outdated traffic lights and replaces them with stop signs.

Studies determined these signals were no longer necessary, according to Traffic Engineer Jeremy Carter. He urges drivers to be aware of the changes.

"I would encourage anyone who is driving through these areas where the traffic signals are being removed just to pay attention, because traffic patterns will change a little bit as people are getting used to the new stop control." ---Traffic Engineer Jeremy Carter

Stop signs require every car to come to a complete stop at the intersection, which increases pedestrian safety. Carter said pedestrians have been hit in crosswalks by motorists who believe they have the right away because the light is green.

Six intersections are on the immediate list for change, with another five planned for next year. Officials say the city will save up to 1,000 dollars annually on maintenance due to the change.