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Illinois Election 2012

Illinois Election 2012

This is the place for stories about races for the U.S. House and the Illinois Senate and House from districts in the WNIJ listening area.

As we have done in the past, WNIJ News staffers interviewed both candidates for Congress in the following districts:

All candidates were asked to answer the following questions:

Economy What do you see as the correct approach to handling the federal budget and deficit?

Jobs What kinds of jobs would you like to see created in your district?
What role should the federal government play in creating those jobs?

Labor-management relations What is your position on right-to-work laws?
What should the relationship be between governments and their employee unions

Domestic energy What course should the United States take on domestic energy?

Social agenda How should the federal government deal with abortion rights?
What role should the federal government have regarding marriage?

Foreign policy What foreign policy issues do you see as paramount for the U.S.?

Qualifications What sets you apart as the best choice for your district?

Other What other issues do you see as important to the district, the state and the nation?