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No More Illinois Sales Tax On Feminine Hygiene Products As Of Jan. 1

Flickr user Eric E Castro / "The Tampon Fairy" (CC V 2.0)

Illinois consumers will no longer pay sales taxes on feminine hygiene products starting next year.

State Sen. Melinda Bush, D-Grayslake, sponsored the legislation.

“These are products that women need," she said, "and these things were being taxed at luxury tax rates and they shouldn't be taxed at all.”

Bush said she also is concerned that women are being charged more for some products and services than men.

“Women are paying more for products, basically because they're pink,” Bush said. “We're marketed to and charged more for items. Literally, if you look at some of the catalog, that are out there online, sometimes children's bicycle helmets (cost more) merely because things are in pink.” 

The issue of taxing products like tampons attracted more attention in recent years. Most states tax these items, but lawmakers in several states have introduced bills to exempt them from sales tax.

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