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Rauner Releases Agenda For Meeting With Legislative Leaders

Brian Mackey
Illinois Public Radio

Illinois has gone four and a half months without a budget. It's gone even longer -- five and a half months -- since the governor and leaders of the legislature have all gotten together to talk about it. The last time that happened was at the end of May. 

Gov. Bruce Rauner finally released his plans Friday  for the meeting with legislative leaders next Wednesday in his Springfield office.

Rauner proposes to kick things off with opening remarks on term limits, redistricting and property taxes. Then the House and Senate leaders from both parties will get ten minutes each to speak. 

Rauner includes suggestions that Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan talk about taxes and Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno talk about the state's job climate. 

All of that will be in front of cameras, and live-streamed to media. Rauner then wants the leaders to meet together in private. He says they can take questions from reporters in front of his office afterword.

The governor and legislative leaders have not met all together since the end of May.

Amanda Vinicky moved to Chicago Tonight on WTTW-TV PBS in 2017.
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