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Lawmaker Proposes Scale Back Of Same-Day Voter Registration

Illinois lawmakers are increasingly trying to make it easier for residents to be involved in politics.

There will be a hearing Tuesday in Chicago on automatic voter registration. Another proposal goes in the opposite direction. But its sponsor says, it's for good reason.

Illinois' next election isn't until March, but you can go ahead right now and register to vote in it. More the procrastinating type?

A new state law says you can now also register right up until, and on, the day of the election. At any precinct.

Republican Rep. Mark Batinick, of Plainfield, says that's expensive; judging by how many took advantage of a trail run last year, he says, "It would be cheaper for us to send a limousine to the people who are too lazy to register to vote, bring them down to the clerk's office, have them vote, take 'em out for a steak dinner."

Batinick doesn't want to do away with same-day voter registration; rather, he proposes scaling it back, so there'd be set places for voters to register on election day.

Not only would it save money, he says it'd be easier to promote, and it would make sure lines aren't slowed down for those who did register in advance.

Democrats have keep his measure bottled up; it's hasn't gotten any hearing.

Amanda Vinicky moved to Chicago Tonight on WTTW-TV PBS in 2017.