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New Mural Extols Community Efforts To Transform

A mural by a Rockford artist, commissioned by a Rockford-area company and dedicated to a Rockford cause was unveiled Thursday afternoon at the Rockford Public Library.

After successfully promoting his company at a Rockford business exposition, Ticomix CEO Tim Ancona wanted a way to promote his community as well. He credits Ticomix VP Mike Roberts with the idea to have a local artist create a mural depicting Rockford’s ongoing renewal.

“We wanted to really have an opportunity to promote the city in a way that would be different," Ancona explained. "This is a mural to be used by the community. It doesn’t have Ticomix on it: This isn’t about promoting us; it’s about promoting the community.  And maybe in looking at it, they’ll see the part that they can play in making Rockford a better place.”

International award-winning artist Mark Adamany -- who hails from Rockford -- created the mural which features a transformation theme and the term “superheroes.”

“From the start I thought, ‘Okay, who’s a superhero?’" he said,  "and I thought of kids: Kids watch movies, kids do this and that … It can take just a single child who has the ambition and the vision to just do something.”

Adamany says the mural metaphorically represents activities involved in transforming the community.

The mural will be on display at the Rockford Public Library main branch through the end of May.