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With Kids Going Back To the Classroom Soon, Health Officials Remind Parents About Back To School Shots

As parents are planning for back to school, health officials want to make sure all shots are up to date, before the first day of classes. Shawnna Rhine is the Community Outreach Coordinator at the Southern 7 Health Department. She says COVID-19 was such a disruption last year , many parents were not able to get their children to the doctor for shots against mumps, measles, and chicken pox.

"That is true, some of those vaccines for kids, have not been given, and it's really important to make sure that your children are up to date."

Rhine says these childhood diseases can cause health problems down the road.

"These are viruses that are highly preventable with a vaccine. But, if the child is not vaccinated it can carry long term effects."

Rhine says between 2019 and 2020, the Southern 7 Health Department saw a 12 percent decrease in childhood vaccinations at their clinics in southern Illinois. Parents can call the Department at 634-2297 and make an appointment to get these shots up to date.

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