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Thaw From Deep Freeze Presents Problems


The recent swing in temperatures is resulting in a mixed-bag of news for northern Illinois residents. For now, residents across the region don't have to prepare to battle dangerously cold weather when heading outside. That was the case a week ago, when wind chills reached 45 below. But as temperatures rebounded over the past week, a new set of problems has surfaced, including calls for burst pipes in homes.

When temperatures plummet, water in those pipes can freeze. It then expands, creating more pressure. When the weather begins to warm up, those pipes can buckle.

Roger Votaw is with the city of DeKalb's building inspection department. He says homeowners can avoid similar problems in the future by making sure pipes are properly insulated, especially after work has been done on the home. He also says there are other preventive measures.

“Try making sure your pipes are as far away from exterior walls as possible,” Votaw said.

Meanwhile, transportation officials say recent conditions are ideal for pothole formation on roads. They urge motorists to be on the lookout.