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McCullough Trial: Day Two Update

Testimony resumed Tuesday morning at the bench trial of Jack McCullough, the man accused of killing a young Sycamore girl more than 50 years ago. WNIJ's Victor Yehling is covering today's proceedings.

He reports that McCullough's younger half sister, Katheran Caulfield, testified today. The woman who was playing with the victim, Maria Ridulph, the night she disappeared also took the witness stand.

Kathy Sigman-Chapman recounted the events of the day and details of the neighborhood where the two families lived. She also addressed a 2010 meeting with Illinois State Police investigators, where she identified the photo of the man the two girls were playing with that night. Prosecutors say that man is McCullough.

Meanwhile, McCullough's half-sister testified that despite what her mother told police, her brother was not at home the evening Maria disappeared.

Defense attorneys hammered away at details in the testimony of both women, digging for more information. Each woman showed some frustration as they were repeatedly asked to discussed to certain details.  

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