How To Cover Your Gift-Shopping Needs

Dec 18, 2017

With holiday shopping in full force, catalogs, commercials and Facebook ads suggest an endless stream of “perfect gifts” for everyone on our lists.

Credit NIU

How can that be? If you are like me, your list includes children, teens and adults from twenty-somethings to elderly parents. The pressure to find the right gift for each is high, and made even more challenging by trying to manage a holiday gift budget.

Worry no more! I know what to buy for every single person on my list: a book. And not just any book. I am committed to finding the “right book” for each – a carefully selected book that shows I know the recipient well and took the time to find a book that I am sure they will love, appreciate and, I hope, cherish long after most gifts either wear out or go out of style.

Books provide escape, challenge our imaginations, teach us how to do things, entertain us, teach us about the world and ourselves, and serve as excellent companions.

Whether your loved ones would enjoy a science fiction novel, the latest best-seller, a biography, travel guide, cookbook, how-to book or volume of poetry, take some time to find the “just right” book for each. Write a heartfelt inscription and include the date to make the book personalized and special.

I’m heading to the bookstore soon to select the perfect read for everyone on my list. I invite you to do the same and, if we’re lucky, perhaps we’ll even receive a special book as a gift this year too!

I’m Laurie Elish-Piper, and that’s my perspective