Corporate Support

When your business becomes an underwriter on Northern Public Radio, not only do you contribute to the success of a valued community service, you reach an exceptional audience of active, educated adults with above-average income.

A Different Way To Reach Choice Consumers

Underwriting on public radio differs from buying commercial time on other media. For one, the messages are shorter and more direct - your company name followed by a 15 word description, per FCC guidelines. Listeners prefer this approach and are more likely to trust and appreciate the businesses that align with public radio (see the “Halo Effect” page of our Media Kit).

Your Message Stands Out -- Benefits Of Public Radio Partnerships

  1. Name recognition / brand loyalty
  2. Communicates your connection to the local community
  3. Increased visibility before a highly-desirable audience

Join This Network Of Supporters

Our underwriters include organizations of all sizes - from large financial, health, and law institutions… to innovative technology driven companies… to traditional and specialty retailers… to arts and educational organizations.

There’s a lot more to learn about our uniquely-engaged listeners, too. Download the Media Kit to find out about programming and how your organization can benefit from communicating with the public radio audience.

Contact Us!

Call or email one of our Corporate Support representatives to learn more about rates and programs, pre-pay discounts and referral bonuses. Janet or Bill can address any other questions you may have about underwriting on 89.5-WNIJ or Classical WNIU. Thanks for your Corporate Support!

Janet Fischer at (815) 753-0063 office; (708) 287-7171 cell.

Bill Braksick at (815) 753-0093 office; (815) 508-4161 cell.