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Tax Filers Delayed By Floods Won't Face State Penalties Or Interest, Rauner Says

Carl Nelson

Residents of flood-ravaged counties in northern Illinois will not face state penalties or interest for late state income tax filings or payments, according to a declaration Friday by Gov. Bruce Rauner.

McHenry, Kane, Lake and Cook Counties were declared state disaster areas as a result of floods earlier this month.

The waiver applies to affected taxpayers for payments or returns due between July 11 and December 31.

“Our communities dealing with the unprecedented flooding in northern Illinois should focus on their loved ones and neighbors, not tax deadlines,” Rauner said. “Once these impacted families and businesses have had the time to recover, they can gather the necessary paperwork and file their returns and pay taxes.”   

Taxpayers who mail deferred returns and payments should write “Flood – July 2017” in red ink on the envelope and on the top of each page of the tax filing. Electronic filers should refer to the Illinois Department of Revenue website.

Terry Horstman, a spokesman for the Department of Revenue, said the governor's proclamation does not apply to county property taxes.

The Department of Revenue has set up an email address specifically for flood victims: REV.DisasterRelief@illinois.gov.