Perspective: You May Be Busy, But You're Not Bach

Dec 4, 2018

How often do we hear someone say that they are really busy?  Every time I think about my daily to do list, I know that compared to Johann Sebastian Bach, I'm not busy at all. 


A visit to Leipzig, Germany is a real eye-opener on how Bach must be one of the best time management people of all time.  In the Bach House Museum, his daily schedule is a lesson on how to juggle multiple responsibilities.  Not only did Johann Sebastian have an important position which made him responsible for music in several churches, he composed a cantata every week, had numerous private pupils, played for weddings, funerals and other special occasions and somehow managed to participate in regular coffee house concerts for fun.  Besides his professional duties, Bach had 20 children, several of whom became very successful professional musicians themselves.  In fact, this busy father managed to include musical training and composing for his own family into what must have been extremely busy days. 


Among the documents at the Bach House Museum is a description that compares this household to a nest of swallows because everyone was swooping in and out at all times of the day.  Without technology, electricity, running water or modern transportation, the Bach family could give us many lessons on how to use our time wisely and well! 


I’m Frances Jaeger, and that’s my perspective.