A Modest Post-Election Proposal

Nov 8, 2018


The midterm elections are over. Blame and praise and excuses abound. And the 2020 election has begun. Lord help us. Considering that as goes Ohio so goes the election, maybe we ought to limit all spending, all campaigning, to that single state.  



Imagine, for a moment, the next two years free of that particular circus! (Apologies, Ohio). We would have time for important public discourse: 

We could address the egregious vilification of a group of refugees. Engage in a public debate over how to address the issue, but do so with morality and love and human decency.  

Indeed, we could address the fact that the current administration continues to receive the support of myriad members of the Christian faith while conducting business in a manner that contradicts nearly every teaching Christ lays out in the New Testament.  

We could address the gross misconception of the Christian faith within popular media. Properly practiced, the Christian faith is about tolerance and acceptance and love – not judgment and discrimination and America First.  

A group of human beings is walking across a continent seeking refuge. Their home country drove them out. The countries they walk through ignore their plight. When they arrive at our doorstep, how do we want to greet them? 

America First is not the answer – greeting them with fear and guns as our President suggests – is not the answer. In fact, America First in all its forms is selfish and cowardly -- not only Un-Christian, but also entirely Un-American.  

I’m Michael Perry, and that is my perspective.