Chicago Schools Continues Effort In Court To Get More Funds

Feb 27, 2017

Chicago Public Schools officials are seeking a preliminary injunction barring the state of Illinois from disbursing education funds until it adequately funds the state's largest school district.

Credit "Courtroom" by Flickr User Karen Neoh / (CC X 2.0)

Faced with a huge deficit and an upcoming teacher pension payment, CEO Forrest Claypool said Monday the Chicago school year could end three weeks early on June 1 if the state doesn't come through with funds.

Chicago school officials contend Illinois has created separate and unequal systems for funding public education. One is for Chicago, whose students are 90 percent non-white, and one for the rest of Illinois, which is predominantly white.

The district claims the funding disparity denies African American and Hispanic students equal access to a quality education.

In a statement, Education Secretary Beth Purvis said it’s time for Claypool to engage in a constructive process that would help schools across Illinois.