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Perspective: The Perfect Pie

Elsa Glover
Elsa Glover's mother's pie crust recipe

It’s always satisfying to perfect a skill. No matter the skill, it takes a lot of practice and desire. It’s funny though. There is no one perfect way to do anything -- we each have our own sense of perfection. Once we master a skill, we raise it to perfection by adding our own personal touch.

My mom makes the best pies from scratch. No one can make as good of a pie -- really!  Her crust is flaky and baked just so.

For a time, I tried to make Mom’s pie crust with little luck. Maybe my crusts were different because I used different ingredients, a different oven, or even a different pie pan.

My pies could never be as good as Mom’s so I stopped trying.

Instead, I bought the crust in the red box and my pies turned out just fine. Even though it’s fine, the crust is that --- fine, not great.

My pie crust can never taste like Mom’s -- and I realize now I shouldn’t want it to. It’s mine and it will reflect my skill and joy in its own way. That’s good enough.

Maybe that’s the important thing. We make our own marks in the world, in our own way. As we move through the years, each of us will master different skills. Adding our own personal touch makes those things beautiful.

Until then, I’m back to practicing Mom’s crust recipe. Any advice is appreciated.

I’m Elsa Glover and that’s my perspective.

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