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Perspective: Send More Positivity, Please!

Occasionally, our regular Perspectives contributor Elsa Glover decides to share the voices and opinions of other teachers or students with WNIJ's listeners. Today, Elsa brings us the wisdom of Kaneland 6th graders Chloe Sullivan and Katilyn Schuhler. 

During this pandemic, it’s hard to find positivity. More often we see people reach out to help. The thing is, we have to keep sending positivity to others. If we don’t, returning to normalcy will be harder. This is because positivity is what keeps people going.

Positivity for others starts by caring for yourself. Some favorite self-care routines include meditating, quotes, and music.

Thinking about quotes gives wisdom and motivation. Quotes mean something unique to each person. They give a different positive influence to everyone.

One favorite quote is “No amount of guilt can change the past, and no amount of anxiety can change the future” --Umar Ibn al-Khattab. This quote helps you stay in the moment. Staying in the moment in this pandemic is important. Worrying about our future may stop us from being positive.

If we give ourselves the self-care we need, we can start recognizing what others feel and understand their emotions. This makes us kinder.

Kindness has never been more important than now. The kinder we are, the more positive we’ll be. The only way this will happen is to be attentive to the people right in front of us. This will help us see what is happening and to take the opportunity to show kindness. We have to keep helping others and ourselves.

Next time someone is struggling, give them a hand, because it might decide whether we get out of this.

We are Chloe Sullivan and Katilyn Schuhler and that is our perspective.

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