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Perspective: The Wrong Decision-Makers For This Crisis

Patrick Sommer

I’ll be honest, I didn’t pay attention much in high school government class. I did enough to pass the class and eventually graduate. I did start paying attention when I got my first real job and noticed how much less my net or take home pay was compared to gross pay. From that point on I researched, read, and educated myself on the federal government, specifically the when, where, and how of taxes.

After months of negotiations, in the 9th hour, lawmakers finally passed a second COVID-19 relief package for suffering Americans in the amount of $900 billion. It includes on average a $600 direct payment to adults, and $600 per child dependent. In theory, a family of four could receive $2400 in the midst of the worst pandemic experienced on American soil in over one hundred years. Also included is an unemployment benefit of $300 per week. For months, otherwise hard-working people have been struggling to keep food on the table, the rent paid, and the lights on. Now the government will give $600 to adults and $300 per week in unemployment benefits?

Honestly, what is that going to do to help the most vulnerable in these unprecedented times? This is what happens when some of the most wealthy people in our country make decision for those who are struggling the most. It’s hard to empathize when you have no context of reference when the average salary of a US Senator is $174,000 annually. Since it’s the people’s tax money anyway, maybe the most exposed should be at the table, where their voices can be heard, and have influence, especially in times like this.

I’m Joe Mitchell and this is my perspective.

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