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Perspective: Rule #5

Rafael Garcin

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs has his own set of rules in which to live on the long-lasting TV show “NCIS.” Each rule was created to either prevent a problem or to get out of a problem.

Some are rather basic, like #45: I left a mess, I gotta clean it up. Some can be questionable, like #6: Never say you’re sorry. And some can strengthen the foundation of any group like #15: Always work as a team. However, for our current times, I think rule #5 might be the most important: You don’t waste good.

As we look over the past year, we can create a top 20 list of most terrible things of 2020. And still have 20 more left over.  It’s been a rough year, no doubt about it.

Let’s apply rule #5 and salvage something. Amidst the bad, there is always good. We can’t waste that good. It’s what can keep us afloat. It’s what can solve our problems. The good is key to doing more than surviving.

I think the good resides in every person. Each day, you get up, you take steps to making things right, you work hard, and you make a difference in our world. It matters now more than ever.

You are the good! And as Gibbs tells us, don’t waste it. Thank you for what you have done to make 2020 a little better.

I’m Elsa Gloverand that’s my perspective.

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