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Perspective: Old Friend, Lost To The Political Divide

Debby Hudson

Dear Friend,

Fifteen years ago, you and I could sit over coffee and discuss weighty things.  No longer.  You now limit yourself to a world view espoused by a few TV and radio commentators and unknown sources on social media.  Pulitzer prize winning authors and mainstream news are too radical for you.  You have traded in National Geographic for the National Enquirer.


If I had told you fifteen years ago that you would be fine, encouraging even, of a wall being constructed around the White House and the White House lawn turned into a reality TV show set, you would have laughed.

If I had told you that you would be planning to vote for the same presidential candidate as Rod Blagojevich, but not the same candidate as Jim Edgar, Cindy McCain, Colin Powell, or the Bush family, you would have found that funny.  But that’s exactly what you are planning to do.

If I had told you back then that almost 200,000 Americans would die in less than six months of a previously unknown illness, you would have been amazed to find yourself supporting a sitting president who cannot utter one word of condolence to the grieving families.

What has changed?  Is it me or is it you?  Oh, I forgot.   We can’t talk about that.

I’m Sarah Bingaman and that’s my Perspective.

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