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Perspective: A Message From The Hilltop

Connie Seraphine

Butterflies flit all around me as I drive the four-wheeler up the hill, our four dogs in eager pursuit. Crisscrossing all around me are tiny white, orange, and yellow butterflies competing for my attention and the nectar from the alfalfa and clover buds. Shifting down, my eyes are drawn to two other winged creatures. Stunning Monarchs play tag and honeybees from the hives up the hill perch on scores of purple alfalfa and pink clover blossoms. A teenage entrepreneur friend who tends three hives just ahead has promised several more jars of this golden nectar of the gods.


Mounting the hilltop, huge mulberry trees invite me to cut the motor in the shade and wait for the first Border Collie to leap onto my lap. Following their pecking order, muscular Zac, though youngest, springs up for his cuddle time with me. We take in the green stretch of farmland all around. Zac’s ears flip up, focused on a tractor spreading fertilizer in the next field. A gentle nudge from me sends him leaping off and searching for his older brother who he loves to tease. Betty, our smallest but most competent herding dog, is next to keep my lap warm. She stares into my eyes to read my mood then tucks her head under my chin and leans into me. These intense days, I crave the quiet hilltop moments, anticipating the presence of the Holy One in these gifts of Creation.

I’m Connie Seraphine and that is my Perspective.

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