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Perspective: COVID-19 Is More Than An Inconvenience

Bob Dmyt

For me, like I suspect many of you, COVID-19 has given me cabin fever. I’ve baked more fancy desserts than my partner and I need to eat. I’ve taken up drawing and painting (with painfully poor results). I’m driving my dog bonkers with all the walks I want to take each day. I haven’t tried making sourdough bread yet, but I’ve seen enough pictures on Instagram to know I’m in the minority there. For me, this pandemic is an inconvenience.

For others, this time is painfully difficult. Victims of domestic violence are often forced to shelter-in-place with the people abusing and controlling them. Children who are being abused at home have no teacher or school staff to report suspicions to DCFS. Parents are being asked to be homeschoolers and full-time employees all at once. People are out of work, out of money, and out of options.

I miss my family. I miss the plans I made. I miss having a reason to do my hair and put on pants in the morning. But I know I am one of the lucky ones. I’m not begrudging myself my chance to be anxious, stressed, or sad. But I’m also going to cut my pity party a little bit short and give my time, money, and support to the incredible agencies and people working to make this crisis a little easier for those who are really struggling.

This is a time of crisis, but it is also a time when we see the power of supporting each other.

I’m Lynnea Erickson Laskowski, and that’s my perspective.

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