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Perspective: Ready For 'Real ID?'

Kurious, Ag Ku
Pixabay, edited with Pixlr

A “Real ID” will be required in October 2020 to get into federal buildings, onto commercial aircraft, admitted to nuclear plants, and for any “official purpose” as defined and required by the Secretary of Homeland Security.

I have the following government-issued IDs: A U.S. passport, a U.S. Army DD214, a Known Traveler’s number, a Social Security card, a Medicare card, an FAA pilot’s license, certifications in the Supreme Court of the United States, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, the Western Division of the Northern District Federal Court, a Supreme Court of Illinois certificate, a Sheriff of Winnebago County courthouse pass, a Sheriff of Winnebago jail pass, an Illinois Veteran driver’s license, a voter’s card, and a firearm owner’s card. All in all, over 13 ID cards. This omits organization cards (e.g. Bar Association, library card, medical cards, merchant cards).

To get a Known Traveler’s number (airline precheck), I had to bring in my passport and one other card. For the Secretary of State to issue me a Veteran’s driver’s license, I had to bring in my passport and DD214. To be admitted to the Illinois Supreme Court, a birth certificate and other information was required. I don’t remember what was needed for the social security card -- that was a long time ago. The courthouse pass, FOID, and probably others needed my driver’s license and a picture of a certain size.

See a common thread? You need an ID to get an ID. Jerry Seinfeld could build a whole show around this concept.

I’m Karl Winkler and that is my perspective.

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