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Perspective: A Cure For Stress

Alexas Fotos

Well, what do you know? It’s already the end of the year! Yeah, time flies, right?


I don’t know about you, but this year has been extra stressful. Collectively, we have seen some truly troubling events. The Mueller report… indictments of Trump allies… wildfires and other natural disasters … impeachment of the president… And, most tragically, several mass shootings. And that was just on the news! All that in addition to the day to day rigors of work and family. Now, as we careen toward the holiday season, I have an idea that will minimize stress and fill your heart with a sense of good will.


Rather than stressing about what holiday gifts to buy everyone -- after all, more than just Christmas is observed in December -- contribute to local charities in honor of your loved ones. I always thought those public service announcements about the gift of giving were rather hokey, but the feeling of a selfless act is just the thing we all need to connect ourselves to higher ideals.


Here in DeKalb County, organizations like the DeKalb Food Pantry, Opportunity House, Youth Outlook, Safe Passage, the Friends of Treatment Court, the Voluntary Action Center, the Barb Food Mart, and Hope Haven are wonderful organizations offering crucial help and support to local residents. And if you missed the funding drive last week, WNIJ is always open to contributions that help us continue offering insightful and engaging programming.


So please, don’t stress this holiday season. Talk to your gift recipients. Find out their passions. Then contribute to a relevant organization in their honor. It will benefit you, friends and family, and the community! Happy holidays everyone. Talk to you next year!


I’m Joe Flynn, and that’s my perspective.

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